It was in June 2020 that the two designers founded the slow fashion brand; BINGIN DIARIES. 

Living in Bali, they decided to mix their universe and create a unisex and playful hats' brand.

Slow Fashion…

Bingin Diaries is not fast fashion. We want you to buy less and wear it more. That’s why we design each piece with timeless elegance, durable natural materials, and careful attention to each stitch. Doing it this way costs a little more up front, but given their versatility, functionality, and style, our clothes are more practical and economical than something discarded after a season.

The hats are handmade and the collections are deliberately limited. Bingin Diaries is a new generation brand with an eco friendly impact. 
Exclusive, authentic & casual, Bingin Diaries plays with a strong identity and offbeat communication appreciated by its community.


For us, ease is not only about how you feel in our hats. It is also the ease of mind that the product on your head has not come at the cost of someone else’s welfare, whether that be directly from our production practices or indirectly by our environmental impact.